By: Lauren V.

I’ve known Ally ever since 6th grade, and I’ve known about her allergies for about that long as well. I’m her “med buddy” and she trusts me to know about her EpiPen and walk with her to the nurse whenever she has allergic reactions. And I love to do that, but because of that, I’m always a little cautious about what I eat around her, and get worried when she has reactions. I never feel bad for her even though she can’t eat what most of us can, because of how she carries herself. She’s never complained (I definitely would), and is easily the most mature person my age I know. She acts like someone who has accepted the cards she’s been dealt, because, generally, she has. I’m a worrier by nature, so of course I’m going to get nervous when Ally has adverse reactions, and I always rush a little when we’re going to get benadryl or some other medication. But, overall, it just makes our friendship stronger. I think when you care about someone who has allergies like Ally does, there’s a certain amount of fear that you have that something bad could happen. But the reality is that bad things happen all the time to people, with or without allergies. I’m not friends with her because of her allergies, and I’m not friends with her in spite of them. I’m friends with Ally because of who she is. So, that’s an important message for the friends of people with allergies and the individuals who actually have them.