Navigating food allergies can be hard, especially if you have just been diagnosed. Take it from someone who knows. Whether you are eating out or cooking at home, below are safe options for everyone to feel safe and included when eating.

Dining Out

Dining out at restaurants, hotels and other venues doesn't need to be scary or problematic for people with food allergies. There are many resources and ways to handle allergies when dining out to make the experience stress-free. Read more


Traveling can be one of most overwhelming things for someone with food allergies. There are lots of unknowns that come with traveling such as the language, food, plane ride, where the best restaurants are, what hotels to stay at, and much more. Read more


There are an extraordinary number of tasty options for cooking for people with food allergies. From Sunday dinner to on-the-go snacks, there are safe and delicious recipes for every occasion. Read more