Food Allergy Cards

Food allergy cards are an easy way to make restaurants aware of your food allergies. Customize the card and hand it to your waiter instead of playing the telephone game. They're also great for vacation, especially when your destination is a foreign country. You can change the language on the cards and hand it to the staff, and then you know nothing will be misinterpreted.

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Carrying Your Medication

Always having your medication on you when you are diagnosed with food allergies is so important. Being prepared = prevention! Carrying meds all the time may be a nuisance, but it is vital especially when anaphylactic. I use a cross body bag when I go out to dinner so I can carry them in a way that's less obvious.

Cross Contamination

Cross contamination is when a food you're allergic to comes in contact with the food you're being served. Cross contamination can happen in serveral different ways. Buffets are the main place where cross contamination happens. People who aren't aware of allergies will sometimes drop a food you're allergic to in the food you're about to eat, or use the wrong serving utenstil to get their food. The particles of the food you're allergic to gets in the food you're about to eat. If you're not comfortable eating the food directly from the buffet, ask the kitchen to prepare you what you want from the buffet, but in the kitchen. Then you'll be sure there's no cross contamination with your food. You still need to be careful though because this can also happen in the kitchen of a restaraunt. Sometimes the kitchen doesn't clean the utensils from the last meal they cooked and the allergen gets into your food. This is another reason to inform the kitchen about your allergies: they need to take the proper precautions in cleaning the tools to make your food.

Checking Menus at Chain Restaurants

Eating at chain restaurants is typically safe for someone with food allergies because there are menus online that show which allergens are present in the food. Watch the video to learn more.