Welcome to the most personal section on my website - there are multiple sections that have been written by different people in my life and what my food allergies mean to them. Hopefully it can act as reassurance that food sensitivities don't change the overall quality of life.

My Perspective

Hello, my name is Ally and I am 15 years old. When I was just 4 months old my parents started to notice my reactions to certain foods they would feed me, so they took me to a food allergist. At a very young age I was diagnosed with allergies to soy, shellfish, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts. Read more

Friend Perspective

I’ve known Ally ever since 6th grade, and I’ve known about her allergies for about that long as well. I’m her “med buddy” and she trusts me to know about her EpiPen. Read more

Family Perspective

I remember the day clearly. My husband Bill and I were sitting in a pediatric allergist office and were anxiously waiting to hear what may be causing our 4 month old daughter’s full body eczema outbreaks. Read more