Traveling can be one of most overwhelming things for someone with food allergies. There are lots of unknowns that come with traveling such as the language, food, plane ride, where the best restaurants are, what hotels to stay at, and much more. These things become even harder to find when dealing with allergies too. Hopefully this section will help guide and reassure you that traveling with allergies is not as scary as it may seem. 

How to Prevent Reactions on Airplanes:
  • Carry your meds on the plane - this is especially important if you are anaphylactic and need an Epi-Pen because some airlines do serve nuts. You should have easy access to the medicine, so keeping it in your carry-on under the seat is a good idea.
  • Bring disinfectant wipes - before you sit down in your seat, you should throughly wipe down the tray table, seat, and armrests. You  never know what the person before you was eating, so it smart to wipe down your area to prevent an attack.
  • Bring your own food - international travels can be tricky for someone with allergies, because they serve multiple courses on the plane. I usually pack a lunch bag with food I can eat with items such as cereal and soy milk, ramen noodles, and a safe dessert.
Travel Plan

The International Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Alliance (IFAAA) and FARE have teamed up to create a food allergy plan for international travelers. The document is linked here and is a great resource for people traveling with severe allergies. This document could also be paired with the Emergency Care Plan linked here.

Travel-Friendly Resources

Taking proper precautions is the first step to ensure a healthy and safe travel. Luckily, it is the 21st century and there are many technological advances to help guide people with food allergies. Some of these resources can also be found on my Dining Out page linked here.

Personally, the resource that has helped me the most on my trips are the food allergy cards. All of my allergies are listed on the cards (and can be translated into any language for international travels). These cards give me reassurance that the kitchen staff knows exactly what they cannot put in my food without there being any language barrier.